HUMANITARIAN aid & development | ANIMAL WELFARE & Protection | NATURAL ECOSYSTEM conservation


Accelerate Rescue Efforts

of people, animals, and natural ecosystems

we believe

We believe there is a pathway to rescue the suffering on a large scale with swift results.

  • Support governments with strategic and operational counter trafficking efforts
  • Supporting and vetting rehabilitation and sanctuary facilities for trafficking victims
  • Implement technology and grassroots alert networks to report and identify hostages
  • Support government with enforcement and security of protected areas and wildlife
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Combat Exploitation

especially of women, children, and the poor

we believe

We believe in liberty from oppression and suffering for the profit of others.

  • Dismantle systems that profit from the harm and suffering of others -
  • Empower women to take leadership roles in their communities
  • Provide women with personal defense skills
  • Support men and women in attaining sustainable and legal means to support themselves and their families
  • Support the growth of local owned business in low income communities
  • Increase government law enforcement capacity and training  
  • Protect natural ecosystems from harm
  • Support and promote the efficacy of criminal justice systems
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Empower Students

to build a better world

we believe

We believe that providing students with skills, resources, and positive role models empowers them to take actions that will improve our world.

  • Develop worldwide environmental, health, and business education programs to support disadvantaged communities
  • Facilitate international education partnerships to rapidly provide students with opportunities for growth and cross cultural appreciation.
  • Allocate corporate social responsibility funds to support students in developing countries
  • Advance english learning programs that connect students to worldwide issues
  • Build stability in families so children are free to learn and grow in a safe environment
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Facilitate and Support

government progress towards UNDSD goals

we believe

We believe that governments are responsible for ensuring the growth of healthy and thriving populations in partnership with community organizations and individuals.

  • Conduct detailed and accurate assessments on humanitarian, wildlife, and environmental conservation efforts.
  • Provide strategic support in overcoming challenges and making sustainable impact
  • Facilitate positive problem solving and relationship building between countries
  • Support responsible allocation of international funding support and state revenue toward sustainability and protection of human and animal welfare
  • Advance success of preserving critical ecosystems and wildlife populations
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Advance Corporate

Social & Environmental Responsibility

we believe

We believe that large corporations account for a major portion of world impact to society and the environment and have the power to influence positive change.

  • Explore solutions to improve waste chain management
  • Conduct ROI assessments for current social responsibility initiative impacts
  • Allocate funds to mitigate the harmful impacts of past and present operations
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